Follow me and updates on our class @aharrellmath. Also, look for @ASEEdison @EdisonChargers, @EdisonSportsNet, #EHSMath, and #ProudToBeACharger

Subscribe to my channel, Andrea Harrell, for all the Stats videos you could want. We run a flipped classroom so these videos walk you through all the AP Statistics material.

Through this amazing website we have been able to fund two projects for our classroom. In the first project Math Shiny as Chrome: Math Relevancy through Chromebooks  we were able to receive two Chromebooks for the class.  Through the continued support of our parents we went on to get a second project funded Exploring and Analyzing our World with Graphing Calculators which will bring 15 colored graphing calculators to our class. Please check out this awesome website and help support hardworking teachers in their endeavors to connect with their students.

This is a great website for all your math questions. Khan Academy has videos, worked out examples, and problem sets to introduce you to a topic, walk you through the process, help you practice, and then continue to review. With this website there is no reason to ever be stuck on your math homework.

For Edison High School students this is your one stop shop for all things academic. From this site you can check your grades and attendance. Stay up to date on all assignments and visit this site often.


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