Fifth Update on Holiday Decorations

After presenting this week, I’m hoping my project will be green-lighted and I definitely think my plan is feasible. Input from Mrs. Harrell was to consider changing the Spring themed decorations to Earth day decorations, which I think is a great idea! I’ll decorate the campus with green and blue (Earthy colors). Also, I plan on making the week a “bike to school week” and really encouraging kids to bike, walk, or skateboard instead of driving. I wonder if it would be possible to close the parking lot for a week, pretty much forcing people not to drive. That might be a bit extreme, I guess. Also planning on setting up a planting booth and setting recycle bins all over campus.


Week 6

While preparing the final draft of my project, I was able to come up with more ideas on how I was going to survey Edison students.

Then, after my presentation in class, Mrs Harrell gave me some helpful tips like 1) giving the survey to staff  2) making a follow up survey after the display case is put up to see if people actually noticed it.



Post 6

My presentation went good, and I realized I was alot more interested than I thought I would be in my subject. Testing different types of music was brought up, which is something I want to do, I just need to figure out the best way possible without bias. I think that overall, music being played in class is something that is worth researching.

Post 5

I am preparing for my presentation, figuring out exactly what my presentation will be. My new idea is to allow students to be able to listen to their own music, but as some teachers may not allow this, I may just need to stick with student-made playlists instead. Based off the information I read, I’m curious to see if playing different music in classes would change anything, but it may be annoying if I force a class to listen to the same genre everyday for weeks. If I do words vs no words vs no music though, that may be possible. If I find multiple teachers who teach 3 different periods of the same class, this might be possible, but I’m not sure just yet. I think I am ready for my presentation though, as I have found ways around bias and other variables through the use of taking the average multiple classes and subjects, helping to eliminate the potential that one teacher may just be better than teaching a certain period than others, or that a teacher is better at teaching a subject than other teachers. Through multiple classes, the result should be unbiased.

Post 4

This video I found helps provide a possible explanation at the infographs from before, meaning that there still is hope for music helping students, as long as I use music without words. Additionally, this is about studying, rather than about doing classwork, which might bring about different results, in favor of my project.

Post 3

While doing some research, I found some interesting information:

Image result for music while studyingRelated image

This data shows that while faster music may motivate people to go faster, often music gets in the way of accurate results. I still don’t know if this applies to classrooms, though, where there can be many more variables in a room that can affect efficiency and accuracy outside of just being told to complete a task music. In a class you can get help if needed, which may be a factor that could change separate this data from my experiment.

Post 2

I met with Mr. Bean, as he played music last year during some days and I think that math is a great place to play music while students are working. Mr. Bean brought up the point that if I were to compare two classes with the same subject and teacher, there still may be more variables, like how some periods will be full of students who are in extracurricular activities, meaning they would have a higher grade initially than periods who don’t. This means I will have to look for classes that have the same teacher, student make up, but just different periods if I want to see the effect music has on grades.

Post 1

My project is going to be on the effects of listening to music while doing classwork. As someone who listens to music on a daily basis, I feel like it often helps motivate me to get whatever I’m doing done faster. If proven to help students, and applied to the scale of the school through playlists, this could potentially improve grades and focus within classes, as well as making students feel more motivated and enjoy class more.

Post 6

While preparing my presentation, I am becoming more and more excited to share my idea with everyone! Based on the answers of people and teachers I have asked casually regarding more therapy dogs on campus, if this idea can go through it may be a real success!


We have only had therapy dogs on campus a couple of times and everyone loves it. Being able to prove the benefits of dogs would allow this to happen more regularly and boost the overall happiness of the school.

Post 5

During winter break, I have been talking with some of the PAWS therapy dog handlers and they like the idea of coming to Edison as a slightly less formal way to allow their dogs to help others and spread awareness about adoption and animal care.