Embarking on a New Journey

After watching a little inspiration to get us started, http://on.ted.com/Milgram, we headed to the Innovation Lab to get the wheels turning and ideas swimming. It is new and uncomfortable for most students to have so much choice and such little direction, but this is a chance to explore their passions and “Money Ball” Edison. We are spending 20% of class time to let Data Serve the greater good of Edison High School. Wish us luck.


The Math of Froot Loops

Do you have a favorite color of Froot Loop? Do you sometimes feel like you are not getting enough of your favorite? Well, we can use what we’ve learned in AP Statistics to help you determine if the company is depriving you of a satisfying breakfast. Through the use of a chi-square test for goodness of fit AP Statistics students investigated the distribution of Froot Loops.20150414_09104520150414_091055