AP Stats Summer Work

AP Statistics is a math class unlike most math classes you have taken before. There is not a list of procedures for you to memorize and replicate over and over again. Instead you will be given problems in context and depending on the situation you are presented with you will need to determine what to do. This is a class of logic and reason, with some math to help support your decision. Watch this video to motivate you for the class


AP Statistics is ran as a flipped classroom. This means you watch videos and do readings at home while all work is done in class.

Your summer packet will have a similar make up. You will have some logic problems to work through, videos to watch and problems to complete. This will guide you through the first chapter of statistics. Your first test will be during your first week of school.

Videos to Watch:

Khan: Categorical Data

Khan: Quantitative Data

Khan: Displaying Data

Problems to do:

Be sure to download as Word Documents

Displaying Distributions WS 

Matching Histograms WS

Quantitative/Categorical WS

Chapter 1 Packet 

Training your brain for Stats:


If-then statements


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