AP Stats Genius Hour 2016-17 Wrap-Up

As another successful year wraps up I would feel remiss if I didn’t take some time to reflect on the successes. The Genius Hour project is an opportunity to take ownership of learning and engage in statistics. Some students take advantage of this and really make a difference on our campus. This year we have a beautiful mural in the science hall, we have started the process of urinal dividers in the male restrooms (because apparently this was a great need), we have a new app that will help to encourage school spirit, and two of my favorites we had tackle boxes distributed throughout campus to encourage intellectual curiosity and we have a student working with administration to help our LGBTQ population feel more welcome on campus.

These projects impress me each year. They motivate me to keep trying new ideas, out of the box ideas, to keep learning fun and relevant for me and my students. Great job this year Stats! And thank you!!!


Genius SIN — Brad, Jack, Nick O

After a lot of rescheduling, we were finally able to present our project yesterday in Whitmore’s class at lunch. Unfortunately, even though we invited over half a dozen people and delayed the presentation two weeks to accommodate people, only Mr. Bronkar and Mr. Elliot were able to attend. They otherwise liked our presentation and they thought our findings were very interesting and potentially useful. ¬†We also had a productive Q&A period where we actually came up with better ideas of how to implement our solutions.

Here are the Testimonials:

Mr. Elliot — The sample size of the study was very impressive and the conclusions were interesting and insightful. I definitely think that not only sports but also ASB and work and affect a student’s grades

Mr. Bronkar — I have seen a lot of student’s grades suffer because of sports. I think that students should talk to teachers beforehand about not being able to finish homework so that the teacher isn’t surprised when the assignment is due.

Link to the presentation: