Mike Saffell Project

I attended Mike Saffell’s presentation on Wednesday May 17, 2017 as a guest. His presentation talks about his group’s development and implementation of a Rewards App for students and members of the community to raise the decreasing attendance at sport games. I found the presentation well put together and useful at Edison High School. As a member of the Basketball and Football teams the past four years and a member on ASB I recognize the decrease in student sections at sport games, but through Mike’s suggested app we can address this problem by offering incentives and prizes to students that attend. I really like this concept and I’m sure all athletes will appreciate his efforts. I was concerned about who will take over when Mike and Bowen leave, but Mike assured me his partner Brian will be able to remain an admin and run this app next year. i found it intriguing that coaches can also run their own team’s section of the app and update as frequently as they want. The next step is implementing this app to the larger student body as well as gathering a majority of coaches together to teach and go over the app with them. I.m sure many coaches will buy into the idea and run with it. Great presentation Mike and good work boys!

~ Dylan Alcantara


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