Testimonial – Brian, Trevor, and Collier

We presented our project on May 25th in Mrs. Harrell’s room at lunch. Unfortunately, although we emailed 6 teachers/staff members, and some replied yes, none showed up. This may be due to S.T.A.R. awards and SAC Swimming occurring at the same time, or because they genuinely did not want to make an appearance and sit through our presentation.

Lucky for us, a fellow classmate of ours – Daryn Nguyen (Period 1) –  was in need of a car ride home so we took him to class to listen. Mrs. Harrell was also present and it seemed to be a successful presentation.

Here is what he had to say!

  1. Panopto is a great idea. Edison stats students are stellar. @ trevor and collier


Genius S.I.N. with Steven, William, and Tim

We had our presentation today after school, and I hope it went well. Mr. DeStefano Mrs. Kim, and Mrs. Harrell were present and unfortunately, Principal Graves could not make it. I think there was very good discussion, especially with Mr. DeStefano adding a lot of personal experience to the topic of seats creating a different learning environment for students.

Here are the testimonials

Testimonial 1

Testimonial 2

Thanks to Mrs. Harrell for letting us use her classroom and for attending!


Mike Saffell Project

I attended Mike Saffell’s presentation on Wednesday May 17, 2017 as a guest. His presentation talks about his group’s development and implementation of a Rewards App for students and members of the community to raise the decreasing attendance at sport games. I found the presentation well put together and useful at Edison High School. As a member of the Basketball and Football teams the past four years and a member on ASB I recognize the decrease in student sections at sport games, but through Mike’s suggested app we can address this problem by offering incentives and prizes to students that attend. I really like this concept and I’m sure all athletes will appreciate his efforts. I was concerned about who will take over when Mike and Bowen leave, but Mike assured me his partner Brian will be able to remain an admin and run this app next year. i found it intriguing that coaches can also run their own team’s section of the app and update as frequently as they want. The next step is implementing this app to the larger student body as well as gathering a majority of coaches together to teach and go over the app with them. I.m sure many coaches will buy into the idea and run with it. Great presentation Mike and good work boys!

~ Dylan Alcantara

Genius Hour S.I.N. Project

Today after meeting with Mrs. Loomis to continue our discussion about the creation of a mentorship program, we took a picture together and she gave me her testimonial.  Mrs. Temple was going to join us in this meeting, but was unable to attend.

The following is Mrs. Loomis’s testimonial for my project:

“Sarah’s idea of a peer mentorship program sparked many conversations amongst teachers and support staff on campus.  From her idea, our school will be adding a new freshmen mentorship program called Charger Connections.  The primary focus of this program will be to have upperclassmen mentor freshmen year-round. ” – Mrs. Loomis

File_000 (4).jpeg

Genius Hour Project Meeting

Nick Rice and I met with Mrs. Barro and Mrs. Harrell. They gave us suggestions on how to improve our poster. They thought it would be better to include side effects of sleep deprivation that students would relate more easily to and that were more short term. Before, a lot of our listed side effects were very long term, such as “increased chance of developing diabetes” and “increased chance of getting heart disease”. We plan on making these changes and sending out our revised poster.

Our Presentation and Testimonials


Above is the link to our presentation.

Alex, Patricia, and I had a wonderful time presenting to Mrs. Harrell, Mrs. Yonts, and Mr. Youd, as well as Edison students Kaila Martin and Charlie Abbott. They had great comments and questions for us. Here are their testimonials:

Mr. Youd felt that our project would be better represented if we had taken data from the teacher population as well as the students. He believed that we should also ask the 7 girls who had been dress coded whether they had felt it was unfair. However, he believed our presentation went well and that we should definitely tackle the dress code in future years.

Mrs. Yonts very much enjoyed the presentation and felt it was “worth her time”. She believed our data was strong and our sampling method was sound. However, she did wish we had expanded our future steps section and believed the teachers should have been included.

Mrs. Harrell also firmly believes that the dress code should be revisited, as it is extremely subjective. She also thought that a survey of male teachers at Edison could provide more insight into the different interpretations of the dress code.

Again, thank you to the teachers and students who attended.


Genius S.I.N. Presentation & Testimonials: Emily, Sahil, Lindsay

Presentation attendees: 1) Teachers: Mr. Elliot, Mrs. Atwood 2) Students with classes in science hall: Maddie Greenlief, Brad Whiteside, Emma Barudi

We made sure to send a reminder email before our presentation day, however Mrs. Kelly Porter and Taylor Wasserman were unable to attend. Instead, we invited the aforementioned, additional 2 students to present to since they are students who have/have had several classes in the science hall.


  1. Mr. Elliot: “This gets people thinking. Math and science are the future.”
  2. Mrs. Atwood: “Art and science should be thought of together. They’re both about analyzing and understanding the world.”
  3. Emma Barudi: “I think it’s cool that you can actually make a mural. It makes me more interested in art.”
  4. Brad Whiteside:”I approve.”
  5. Maddie Greenlief: “I was unable to take art at Edison, but think it’s a good idea, especially for students like me.”

Group Photo:

Last Post Austin, Jared, jt

Our presentation was a little unorthodox. We were unsure of who all would be attending, teacher/faculty wise. We did not send an invitation to Mr. Whitmore who was the one teacher there because we asked to use his room, so we knew he would be attending. The rest of the audience consisted of students, one of which was the 2017-2018 ASB Treasurer, so he would be a large help with funding this sort of event in the future if it were to be more school organized. The others were students who could participate in the event in years to come or may have even participated in it or our survey this year. One of our students, Mateo Rivera, even posted on twitter about our presentation.


Micah Reither – Sophomore

Kyle Thom – Junior, ASB Treasurer

Asena Aliyazicioglu – Sophomore

Roy Keane – Sophomore

Mateo Rivera – Senior

Mr. Whitmore – Cibacs & English Teacher