Interesting Article Link + VIDEO LINK ~~THE WRITE CHOICE
This article is really interesting. It explains all of the ways of how students can OUTSMART any multiple choice questions. All of the methods they offered require one crucial aspect…
Maybe it is assumed by the general public that everyone should be able to write on exams, and it is only Edison which has teachers that prohibit writing on it. Very peculiar! Let me know what you guys think!

Also, our video was posted prior, but HERE IS THE LINK ONCE MORE FOR THE FINAL POSTING.  Please join us and Freddy in the movement to write on exams! YOUTUBE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Finishing Touches

Daryn, Summer and I are putting some finishing touches on our data analysis.  The most informational tool of data analysis for us was the 2 sample T-test, which indirectly confirmed our original thoughts, that writing on multiple choice tests improved student performance.  For this test we decided to set an extremely low alpha level because a type I error would result in a lot of wasted money for no reason, and we still ultimately rejected the null that there was no difference between the groups who were permitted to write on the test and those who were not.