Kevin Moreland – Post 1

Many high school students spend most of their time in school and doing homework, and because of this have little time to express their creativity. For my project, I will determine if there is an association between hours doing homework and creativity among Edison High School students. I will measure creativity by using  a Torrance Test of Creativity and/or a Wallach/Kogan Creativity Test. I will also take into account each student’s GPA and their daily hours of sleep, hours playing video games, and hours doing sports. Using my results, I hope to find the ideal workload for a student in terms of hours doing homework.


Meg Robinson Post Numbero Uno

For my project I am going to a) determine whether or not EHS favors athletics over academics b) gain student opinion regarding their feelings on this bias c) implement ways that EHS can honor academics more/ be more inclusive d) gain student opinion regarding their feelings on the change.


SO FAR: I have been conducting statistical research to see whether or not EHS favors athletics over academics (looking @ areas such as: twitter, morning announcements, etc) and I am also drafting survey questions and determining how I will distribute the questions.

Summer Willerth Post 1

Hello fellow statisticians. For my project, I plan to try to get service and emotional support dogs to come to Edison High School weekly and be available for everyone to pet and play with. Many students at Edison seem to be extremely stressed and overworked, and hopefully this would be a useful way to give them a break from their packed days.


Trevor Fried – Post 1

For my project, I have decided to help out one of my teachers who put in a lot of time helping me out last year. I have decided to come up with a new floor plan for Miss Ballard’s room to improve efficiency and time management in the class. I plan to use censuses to sample the class on problems that need to be fixed.

Emma Barudi: Post 1

Hi guys! So, I have decided that I will do my project on Edison’s dress code. Having been a student at Edison for three and a half years, I have noticed some problems with the dress code. First of all, it is clear that teachers have their own opinions about enforcement of the dress code, some following their own rules and crafting their own punishments that have no relation to the guidelines set in the handbook. In addition, many students are not fully aware of what the guidelines fully entail, and are caught unaware when being dresscoded. I believe it is important that the teachers, administration, and students are all on the same page regarding the dress code to prevent awkward situations on both sides. Therefore, I first plan to conduct an observational study. However, I need to work out the details.

Dylan Alcantara- Post 1

Hey guys for my genious hour project I have chosen to address the dire need for urinal dividers in the student men’s bathrooms. I have mentioned this project to students and have gained support from the male student population at Edison. So far in three school days I created a petition to show the administration that there is support for this project. In just three days we have over 85 signatures! I have also begun talking to Assistant Principal Mr. Elliott for the basics of my project and the reality of it coming true. He has emailed the the appropiate district office personnel to ask further questions. What we have found out is that if urinal dividers were to be implemented then we the district office would 1) have to allocate funds 2) strengthen the wall support. This sounds like a tremendous task but Mr. Elliott and myself are optimistic that this can be done. In the meantime, I have begun researching urinal dividers costs and where to purchase them in bulk. I have also messed around with the idea of creating a GoFundMe page to see if we can earn extra funds for the project. If you want to stay tuned in please check out my twitter: @dylansalcantara for weekly updates or just continue checking this website. Go Chargers!

Sarah Olsen: Post 1

For the Genius Hour Project, my idea is to create a mentorship program at Edison High School.  In this program freshmen and sophomores will be mentored by juniors and seniors, respectively.  This is a four year program for all students, within which 2 years will be spent being the mentoree and the other 2 years will be spent being the mentor.  Throughout the school year, the mentor will help their mentoree both academically and socially with anything that they are unsure about.  On the other hand for the mentors, the experience will provide them with knowledge and practice of leadership and social skills that will help them with life after high school.