Video Presentation

Go watch my video presentation on Cross country workout times versus race times!


Genius Hour Video Presentation

Hey everyone! Check out my genius hour project! I hope everyone learns a little something about what I am passionate about!  I had a lot to say! The video is EXACTLY 5 minutes!

Video Presentation

Instead of having to wait until after break to present I did a video presentation.  I used a program that allowed me to show my powerpoint. Please ignore the “Demo Mode” that is in the middle of the screen. I realized after I made the video the full program costs $100 so I just made it on demo.

Here’s the Video!

The Aftermath

It is now 2:19am and my brain is fried. My Genius Data Project is finally complete after hours of searching the internet for the perfect images and gifs. My computer seems to mimic my own mind: cluttered and all over the place. I’m almost positive that’s not everything either.

presentation aftermath

Nonetheless, I am super excited to share my findings with the class and I hope to spark some discussion!

Here is a sneak peak of my elaborate presentation from which my peers will not be able to divert their eyes away… It’s too enticing and #relatable.sneak peak

Packed Lunch vs School Lunch and GPA Survey (Post #4)


image (4)

Minimum: 1.5
Quartile Q1: 3
Median: 3.7
Quartile Q3: 4
Maximum: 4.8

Average (mean): μ=3.56621621622image (3)Minimum: 2
Quartile Q1: 3
Median: 3.3
Quartile Q3: 3.8
Maximum: 4.28

Average (mean): μ=3.3056



packed lunch                                         bought lunch

For my analysis, I generated 2 scatterplots and boxplots to visually see where most of the results lied. For the explanatory variable, I set it as either packed or bought lunches, and for the response variable, I set it to weighted GPA. There were 12 more responses for packed lunches, so the results might be a little biased towards packed lunches. I could improve my sampling techniques to hopefully get the same number of each next time. However, judging from the scatterplot, the packed lunch has clusters near 4 while bought lunch has an even distribution from 3-4. The mean for the packed lunches was 3.6 GPA while the mean for bought lunches was 3.3 GPA. The 50% of students who packed lunches had GPA’s above 3.6 while those with bought lunches had GPA’s above 3.3. We can infer that students at Edison High School generally have higher GPA’s if they pack their lunches. There are a lot of lurking variables that are not accounted for such as study habits, classes, and socioeconomic background so the relationship of this study can still be falsely portrayed. Perhaps my next study can find the relationship of these other variables linked with GPA.


What is Academic Elitism?

As a preparatory measure for the full presentation tomorrow, I would like to share what exactly I defined academic elitism as in my project.  “By academic elitism, we mean whether or not the staff of an institution will give preferential treatment to specific individuals that are deemed to be of a higher status than other, ‘lesser’ beings.”  This topic ties nicely into CARE month, as the entire project is about how to create a comfortable and safe environment for students at our school.  I look forward to presenting to you all tomorrow!