Starting the Innovation Lab

For the first day of the innovation lab we made our lab groups, with Jackson and Joey in my group. Our group hasn’t come to a decision as to what our research project will be, but we’ve started to collect ideas. We thought we could measure how often the water tower needs to recycle the water to remove the nitrate ions in the water. California is currently in a drought, and an experiment to find alternative ways to conserve water in the Innovation lab would help save the environment and be more cost effective. This idea is just a speculation, as we haven’t though of an experiment that would conserve more water, so we are still collecting ideas.


And They’re Off…


Today marks the start to our visits to the Innovation Lab. The lab has been set up and run by the EHS Science Dept. under the guidance of Mr. Grace and Mr. Gardiner. So far the lab has only been visited by our science and SAC students. Today is the first step to turning this in to a true STEM lab, a place where math and science come together. In the lab there are multiple stations where plants and fish grow and flourish through aquaponics.